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Field Collection Tabs Not Working Properly

If you see just links, not tabs then you are in the right place. What you need to do is find field_collection_tabs.js file in the field collection tabs module. There you will see smt likeĀ 

 * JS related to the tabs.
Drupal.behaviors.fieldCollectionTabs = {
  attach: function (context) {

    $('.field-collection-tabs', context)
      .once('.tabs-processed') //THIS WILL CHANGE

here change it to

Laravel Dimsav Translatable Updating Translations

It is a common way to update all translations of a content at once. You might have language per tabs or list them at the same page. Sometimes updating all languages is troublesome.

In my case I could only updated the current language altough I sent all the information in all languages.

The way of doing this is :

Drupal 8 Disqus Module Doesnot Appear

  1. Install Disqus module
  2. Module configuration add the shortname you created in disqus.
  3. Give "View Disqus comments" permission to anonymous user and remove core comment permissions.
  4. Now this is the key part. In Drupal 8 comments comes as fields. So you need to add it as a field again. BUT IT DOES NOT APPEAR UNLESS YOU REMOVE CORE COMMENT FIELD IN MANAGE FIELDS PAGE.
  5. So remove old comments field and add Disqus comment field