Drupal 7 Features Module

Submitted by tanmuhittin on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 01:46
How to use features module

Install features module to the web site you want to copy the features of. After Installation go Structure > Features . Then go "Create Feature" Tab. You might see a warning like

// Warning: create_function() has been disabled for security reasons in features_clean_title() (line 426 of..)

Don't worry. It still works.

Select the features you would like to export from "Components" area. Enter a name for it and click "Download feature".

Then go to the web site you want to import the features. Upload necessary Libraries and Modules. Install the downloaded feature file as module. Then enable the feature module you created. Thats it. It imports all the settings you selected. Some settings for some modules might be missing but it works fine.

Why to use features module

If you make a lot of Drupal web sites with similar configurations features module is a very useful tool. You might copy another website as well but the module gives you the capability of selecting which parts to copy.