Drupal 8 New Features and Review

Submitted by tanmuhittin on Sun, 06/26/2016 - 23:21

I have been using drupal 7 for 3 years but was a little bit lazy to try Drupal 8. After a fresh installation numerous new features have surprised me. Every web site routines like views and editors was now built in. Lets look at them separately.


Views module comes with core and now you can edit even adminisrative pages as views! In drupal 7 this can be done only with modules.

Text Fromats and CK Editor
  • Restricted html
    This is for anonymous users in other words mostly for comments
  • Basic html
    There are some restrictions and for authenticated or administrative users
  • Full html
    There are no restrictions and for administrators only
  • Plain text
    Fall back text format

Also in drupal 7 we need to click all buttons one by one for toolbar configuration but now you can add them by drag drop! Besides CK Editor comes ready with it. Uploading a picture in the editor is possible now but you cannot determine the resizing on upload. Instead in the text format you determine a max image size so if it exceeds it resizes accordingly. Text filters are way more easier to set and understand

Manage Form Display vs Manage Display

In drupal 7 we could arrange the form display in manage fields page but it was not obvious or from another reason they separated this function to an additional page. On this page you can add a place holder or can determine the size of the input area.

New Admin Menu

It looks better and can be used as a left sidebar. But it has some problems with mobile. When you scroll in menu it just clicks some link.

New Add Content Page

Just like wordpress, publishing options vs is now on the right. It is easier to use but Save button is under the fields. So you need to scroll every time you need to save. Save button could be put under right side options.

New Modules Page

Page name has changes to "Extend". Finally there is a search area for modules and less details. These were obvious improvements already.

Tour Module

If you are making a web site for a dummy user this module can be very usefull.


Theme engine has switched to twig . It looks easier to understand and way more clean.

Multilingual Support

Now it also comes with core

Responsive Image Styles

In addition to "image styles" now you can set image styles for every device width!

Edit Contents on Display

Now with quick edit you can edit the node fileds in the same page !